Moon and Sun

by The Distance Project

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    Produced at InHouse Studio by Taylor silver.




released October 25, 2013

Guitars - Taylor Silver, Justin Price
Bass - Bud Long
Drums - Danny Crowley
Vox - Taylor



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The Distance Project Washington, D.C.

The Distance Project is to push our own abilities and explore our creativity as musicians. The band calls Washington DC home, but is spread on 2 continents. Despite a 14 hour time difference, we are dedicated to exploring how far we can go.

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Track Name: Exit to Anywhere
When the stars used to guide our way
We knew we were looked down upon
Now the skies look away guilty
For the gods have erased us.

Gone… my.. loves.
No home in a spark.
Ride the wind to remember.

Forged from void, perception fails us
Blur surrounding – they reign.

Are those humans basking in house flames?
A human ending life?
Why in blood take them away?
They’ve turned morals inside out…
And now I’m seen.

Flee to waste
I’m giving away

And as I sweat to the foliage
Arrows pepper my way

Gone is a feeling of innocence
As my need of being fades away

There is nothing but smoke in the air
I trip down… there’s blood in the water

Swim for fear of flame
Exit to anywhere

Smashing through growth I stumble
Sweat of pursuit is drenching me
Looking at the tree line as my life

Can I return? Please let me return…
Track Name: From Dreams to Reality
Waking to the pale blue glowing leaves,
Light beads surround.
Stirred by the wind -
No, a lumbering voice
Beckoning me close, “I have them, NOW COME TO ME.”

I am compelled forth…
It grabs me by my soul.

“The emptiness that pulls you in
Is my window to strengthen you
Fill it with your life thieves’ ends -
I will transform you out. In. “

“Take my hands…”
I tremble.
“Take my hands…”
I tremble.

I take its hands…

Light beads surround
They follow
The fog of leaves opens.
“My people scattered; I will find you.”

“Gather your lives
We’re breathing back the history that spoke us,
And spilled us like rain.
Cup tight your hands,
And cradle loved ones here and past.
To home: Now, we march.”

Feels like a dream disturbed, and still…
Pale blue light beads follow my trail.

We will return.
We march to home.
We will return.
I will return.
We march to home.
Track Name: Strength in Numbers
Incantation through speech,
I will take your fears.
Moon and sun: combine.
Fiery out and dim within.

Go – I bring the wind in your steps.
Tradition gone and restored today.
Our home can’t be nothing but a memory…

“Grasp a stone,
Be on my rope no more”
- Shaman words glistening… where are mine?
I sink in a well
I grasp for the sun
I pull myself out into a battle slashing for my life.
Clouds in my eyes,
I search for my tongue.

Blue light beads fall from our eyes
Our feelings sign an ominous disguise

Fight on…

Augmented eyes, I see intent of this mob.
A swirling “kill,” “revenge,” “hunt down.”
I can’t see who is who.

“Take my hand”
Cloud eyes.
“Take my hand”
My well.
“Take my hand”
My cell.
Let go my mind.

As his veil descends
I’ll tap to the blue light
To save those that tie me here
Before I’m he.
Clear any hunters before the gifts go to waste.

[Oh] The sinews and my bones
Plant the trees of our future.

Sweeping the fields before I wane
Blur surrounds me
I can’t see who is who

Hunters turn to sand as I will… but they all look the same
I won’t stop for the ones I lost.
It has control.

March to home I led them,
But the scene is twisted like I’m looking through water
The shaman is leering closer
Must finish my task…

I awake.
Innocence is mine – My ritual.
Now – make them into sand.
We are one.