by The Distance Project

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released September 2, 2016



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The Distance Project Washington, D.C.

The Distance Project is to push our own abilities and explore our creativity as musicians. The band calls Washington DC home, but is spread on 2 continents. Despite a 14 hour time difference, we are dedicated to exploring how far we can go.

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Track Name: Halcyon Sunrise
- Instrumental -
Track Name: Pi-Ramesses
I am the sun.
I am your walls.
I am sustenance, sovereignty from the wild.
Beyond survival, I grant you color; a lens for life.
I bear you out of certain cracking wilt, rot, and violence.
Become the mastery — my mastery — of this plain.

Foothold in the flood, this irony of home.
Entropy of flesh, transience of thought.

With buried death, rising permanence.
With golden seams, stark remembrance.

Love your pain.
Live through me, find pleasure in your end – My beginning.

Split the earth, disembowel rock and sand,
Spin the gears with your hearts and hands: You are the device.
You are the device.

Surrender your mortality
Become everlasting ambition.
Reorder earth.
Reorder earth.

Bodies of no labor become the mortar.
Mason of utility lasting; crown me the king god.

I represent you. My face is your tombstone.
Life is short so trust me. Trust me.

Bodies of no labor become the mortar.
Mason of the lasting; crown me the king god.

Pain is now but pride is forever.
You’ll see, I will make it so. But you won’t see it until the end of time.

You were built to construct monuments for your master
Legs of stone, colossal, let your hands bleed this sculpture
Lash and chain, feel my reign, assemble my existence
You will slave, and suffer, so I may live forever.

I will separate the righteous from the ground below.
Engrave, forever, so that all may know:
“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
Track Name: Bloodlust
War. War, sweet war.
Blood of this empire, pride of my homage to Ra.
Nadir of rival ambition, key to fearful love.
My friends, join me in a gauntlet of strength.
Earthen subjects you wield, but you are mine to die.

Brothers. Are you the alpha?
Fathers. Are you a worthy?
Goddess. Her eyes probe you.
Prideful intoxication; ambrosia of healing conquest.
You’re afraid of who might lose you... But embrace your high.

War. War, sweet war. Blood of my empire,
Without which I am thrown from my permanence.

Recognize dominance. Stamp me in history. Legendary.
Recognize. Recognize your chance to crawl into my grave.
Recognize your chance. Live in my mosaic.

Sink the rival kingdoms. Irrelevant, irreverent.
Brothers. Are you the alpha?
Fathers. Are you worthy?
Prideful intoxication.
Goddess. Ambrosia of my lust.

When we die and exhale, look on my works.
I will last forever. I will watch forever.
This is the end. Ozymandias.